Central Okanagan rain barrel, composter sale returning

Rain barrel sale returns

The Regional District of Central Okanagan and Okanagan Basin Water Board have announced their annual composter and rain barrel sale, available for order from March 1 to 31.

Aimed at promoting sustainable gardening practices, the sale offers backyard composters at $45 and rain barrels at $105, significantly below retail prices, with direct home delivery slated for late April.

Highlighting the environmental benefits, the RDCO notes that nearly half of Central Okanagan's household waste comprises compostable materials.

Utilizing a backyard composter and recycling efforts can drastically reduce household garbage to one or two grocery bags per week, thus extending the lifespan of landfills and enriching gardens.

With a limited availability of 300 composters and 250 rain barrels, residents are encouraged to act swiftly. The rain barrels are particularly highlighted for their role in conserving water during drought conditions and reducing water meter costs.

Interested residents can visit rdco.com/compostersale for details.

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