Elections BC has mapped out all 93 ridings ahead of this year's provincial election

Mapping electoral districts

Are you unsure as to where your home falls within the new provincial election boundaries?

After the legislature adopted new riding boundaries across the province as recommended by an independent review commission, Elections BC has drawn a new map showing boundaries for each of the 93 ridings.

Voters can simply enter their address to find out which riding they will be voting in.

The new ridings will come into effect once the next election is called, scheduled for Sept. 21.

"Our focus at Elections BC is to prepare voters for what to expect when they vote later this year," said chief electoral officer Anton Boegman.

"There will not only be new electoral districts for B.C.'s next provincial election but there will also be new technology at voting places to make voting faster and easier."

Riding boundaries are reviewed after every second election by an independent, non-partisan commission who then make recommendations to the legislature.

This year, six additional ridings in high-growth areas of the province have been added, including a fourth riding in Kelowna, Kelowna Centre.

Changes were also made to the boundaries of 72 other ridings.

Voters can also prepare for the upcoming election be ensuring their voter registration is up to date and learning about the new modernized voting procedures being implemented, including using electronic tabulators to count paper ballots and laptops to look up voters and cross them off the voters list.

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