COSAR rescues six UTV riders from gully above Peachland

COSAR rescues 6 from gully

Medical concerns elevated the urgency during a Central Okanagan Search and Rescue operation Sunday night.

COSAR was called to get six people to safety from the hills above Peachland. The group’s three side-by-side UTVs had gotten stuck at the bottom of a gully.

After hours of trying to get themselves out, the stranded people called 9-1-1. COSAR was dispatched, sending in an initial snowmobile team to assess the situation.

Once the medical concerns about the stranded party came to light the tracked UTV was also sent in. All six people were brought to the staging area on Brenda Mines Road.

Sunday’s rescue was COSAR’s fifth task in a week-and-a-half and the 18th so far this year.

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