Opposed to help for growers

Open letter to South Okanagan-West Kootenay MP Richard Cannings.

I write to you to implore you to not request federal funding for the grape growers in our area who have experienced "devastating” weather-related losses in the Southern Interior.

I take exception to bailing out grape growers for having a poor year. These are not farms growing a food crop but a crop for making wine for a few who imbibe, not feeding the population with a healthy locally grown produce or fruit.

Not only have we been overrun with grape growers to the point that finding locally produced crops is almost impossible, we have vineyards everywhere you look.

Years ago, we had an insurance program that growers paid into and if weather was a cause of loss, they could be reimbursed. Maybe this is time to reinstate that as an option to bad years. If the vineyard owners need a bailout every time the weather turns against them, I suggest they remove their plants and get out of the industry.

(If) they want protection against what Mother Nature does on an annual basis, embrace a cold snap and start to produce ice wine.

Again, please do not use my tax dollars to bail out grape growers, I really don't think it is a good use of my, or other’s, tax dollars.

Kim Steeves, Okanagan Falls

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