Questions day parole move

Re. Killer granted day parole (Castanet, Dec. 27)

I am of the understanding that if you are given a mandatory life sentence in prison, with no parole eligibility for 10 years, you must serve 10 years before being considered for parole —not six or seven years but 10 years.

So, how does the parole board grant someone day parole before the 10 years are up?

I am referring to the Castanet story about Grace Elinor Robotti.

It should not matter how remorseful she is, if she was an exemplary prisoner and did all the right things to straighten out her life. She took a life and needs to suffer the consequences.

Where does the Parole Board get off granting parole to someone found guilty in a court of law and reducing the time behind bars?

What is the point of having sentences made by judges if the Parole Board is going to overrule it?

Brian Godfroid

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