Kelowna RCMP arrest wanted man hiding in an attic

Suspect hides in attic

A man wanted on two outstanding warrants out of Edmonton is cooling his jets in a Kelowna jail cell.

RCMP say the man was arrested last week when police were called to a home on Royal View Drive where several people were reported to be living illegally.

Officers were able to remove two individuals but believed a third man was still inside and hiding from police.

They believed the man had several outstanding warrants out of Alberta and B.C. and had a history of violent offences.

After several attempts to lure the man out were unsuccessful, they eventually found him hiding under some insulation in the attic.

"An illegal firearm, a replica firearm and some drugs were also seized from the residence," RCMP said in a statement.

"The suspect is a 30-year-old man with 24 warrants out of Edmonton which had been previously extended to British Columbia."

"The individual remains in custody and is scheduled to be escorted back to Edmonton for court."

RCMP did not release the man's name.

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