City of Penticton reminding residents not to put glass empties in recycling bins

No glass in recycling bins

The City of Penticton is reminding residents ahead of the holiday season that glass bottles do not belong in municipal recycling bins.

Wine and beer bottles, jars and sauce containers are not permitted in home recycling carts and contribute to incidents of contamination that the city is trying to reduce.

“Throwing glass bottles into your curbside recycling can cause the entire load in the collection truck to become contaminated,” says Madison Poultney, municipal sustainability coordinator.

“This is because glass shatters in the process of being unloaded at the material recovery facility and becomes very difficult to sort other items within the same load. It also becomes a safety hazard for staff as they are trying to sort through the recyclables.”

Penticton has set a goal of lowering recycling contamination rate from 13.3 per cent to 10 per cent or lower by the end of this year, part of a RecycleBC mandate.

Not meeting the goal could mean increased costs to deliver the program as a result of fines, and possibly a less convenient recycling service, requiring residents to self-sort everything into separate bins or bags.

City staff have done multiple recycling bin audits throughout 2023, with sometimes discouraging results.

A recent a recent audit found that glass in bins had increased to 4.1 per cent from 2.1 per cent during the same time period last year.

The city recommends the following locations for glass recycling:

  • J&C Bottle Depot: Drop off your wine and beer bottles, plus other beverage containers, for a refund under the Return-In program. They also accept non-refundable glass jars and containers for recycling
  • Return-It Express & Go in Penticton: This station offers a quick and convenient option for recycling your refundable beverage containers including cans, juice boxes, milk jugs and bottles
  • Campbell Mountain Landfill: The landfill has a bin right at the front entrance where non-deposit glass bottles, sauce containers and jars can be recycled

For more information about recycling, or for more tips about what goes where, visit penticton.ca/recycling.

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