Forecast calls for rain, snow and overcast skies over the coming week: Environment Canada

Rain and snow forecast

Madison Reeve

Overcast skies and periods of either rain or snow are predicted for the coming week in the Kamloops area, according to Environment Canada.

Daytime temperatures are expected to remain mostly above 0 C, with a mid-week spike around 5 C predicted to be the warmest day of the week.

Monday will see a mix of sun and cloud throughout the day, with wind up to 15 km.h and temperatures remaining steady around -1 C. Monday night will see cloudy periods with a low of -2 C

A mix of sun and cloud is predicted for Tuesday, and a daytime high of 1 C. Cloudy periods are expected overnight, accompanying a low of -1 C.

Wednesday is predicted to see a mix of sun and cloud, with a high of 5 C. Rain or snow is predicted overnight, with a low of 1 C.

Periods of snow or rain are expected throughout Thursday, with a high of 2 C. Periods of cloud are predicted overnight alongside a low of -2 C.

A high of 1 C and overcast skies are forecast for Friday throughout the day. Cloudy skies will remain into the night, with a low of -2 C.

Cloudy periods and a high of 2 C are forecast over the weekend, according to Environment Canada.

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