Martha Stewart, 82, doesn't want to be an 'old-fashioned old lady': 'I like to evolve!

Martha: I like to evolve!

Martha Stewart doesn't want to be an "old-fashioned" old lady.

The 82-year-old businesswoman has made hundreds of millions of dollars through her Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia company and as she offers fans the chance to learn about her success through the online platform MasterClass Think Like a Boss, Live Like a Legend' has admitted that she would rather "evolve" than age.

Speaking in a preview of the special series she said: "I don’t call it reinvention. I really like to evolve and not be an old-fashioned old lady. I want to know what my limits are but I also want to extend those limits in every way possible."

The TV star went on to encourage viewers to not shy away from hard work as she insisted that she always wanrted to "get things done" and accepting that work is going to be hard is the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur/

She said: "Don't be afraid of hard work, not to be afraid of filling your day. Not to be afraid of experimenting new things, planting a new kind of tree. I want to get things done. If you are going to choose to be an entrepreneur, hard work is the first thing you have to accept. You can never say that any famous entrepreneur was lazy about anything."

"I started my company when I was 50 years old, My work is based on need and want, it is extremely powerful to take an idea and turn it into a billion-dollar business but hard work is essential to making an idea come to life. I love hard workers. If you can find someone who is going to be better than you, embrace them, bring them in."

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