Cow wandering Tower Ranch a traffic hazard, residents say

Cow loose, slow down

Two Kelowna women are pleading for help and asking people to slow down because of a cow on the loose in Kelowna's Tower Ranch area on Thursday night.

Tina Smith and Lauren Tuck are worried for a black female cow. They say the animal was walking down McCurdy Road for hours and has been wandering around neighbourhood streets.

“She's pitch black and it's dark, and if it wasn't for me she would be dead,” said Smith. “She already had an accident, she's just lost and she walks slow. It's devastating.”

The pair are concerned for the animal’s wellbeing, and worried it will cause a crash as its been running onto the road and the weather is rainy and snowy.

“Put it out there to drive slow,” said Tuck.

Smith and Tuck have called animal control with no answer. They said RCMP told them officers were too busy Thursday evening to deal with the cow.

The pair are hoping a farmer will come pick the cow up and keep it safe until its rightful owners find it. They believe the animal got loose as it appears to have tags in both ears.

“Somebody that's a farmer would just come and get her, just somebody that knows how to handle a cow,” said Smith.

Tuck and Smith have corralled the animal away from busy roads, but say it keeps finding a way to get loose.

Its been about three days since the pair first spotted the cow, and they say the animal will just keep heading back towards traffic until she gets hit or attacked by another animal.

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