Kamloops RCMP data shows decrease in crimes against property, persons

Local crime trending down

Kamloops’ police chief says instances of property crime and crimes against persons saw a decrease during summer months when compared to the same time period in 2022.

RCMP Supt. Jeff Pelley presented policing statistics from the third quarter of 2023, which spans from July 1 to Sept. 30, during a committee meeting Tuesday at city hall.

“Our crimes against persons, we've had a substantial decrease — a four per cent decrease. That is impactful locally. As well, our property crime has decreased nine per cent,” Pelley said.

“Those are all due to the multi-tiered efforts of multiple units, and our increasing resources as we become more strategic throughout our community.”

Pelley said the break and enter offences to residences have been “dramatically reduced,” thanks to the management of offenders and the detachment’s strategic plans.

There were 97 such break and enters during the third quarter of 2022, but only 45 reported during the same three months this year — a decrease of 53 per cent.

Vehicle thefts have decreased by 20 per cent, with 180 such thefts reported during the three month stretch in 2022, and 144 reported during the same time period this year.

Thefts from motor vehicles have also been reduced by 27 per cent, going from 473 recorded offences in 2022 to 343 this year.

Pelley noted the detachment is continuing to focus on offenders responsible for break and enters to businesses, as police tracked an increase from 96 offences to 122 offences.

“We continue to focus on our downtown and North Shore areas with a retail theft suppression and operational plans to focus on offenders that have been working throughout businesses and focusing on thefts,” Pelley said.

“We have had some great successes with some offenders. Recently, we've had a break and enter offender that received over 600 days for a sentence.”

There were similar reductions in offences to persons during the third quarter.

Robberies decreased from 33 in the third quarter of 2022 to 21, while assaults went down from 318 to 235 — a decrease of 20 per cent.

Pelley said the detachment has identified 16 repeat offenders who continue to cause “a majority of the crime” in Kamloops. Four of them are now incarcerated.

“We've had some offenders move out of the community and we work with other jurisdictions to ensure that they get the necessary attention that continues to move ahead there,” he said.

Pelley said more than 38 foot patrols were conducted during the third quarter throughout business areas, noting this initiative has received positive feedback. He said these patrols generated more than 36 investigations.

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