Stray cat found limping has leg amputated, will be ready for adoption: BC SPCA

Stray cat's leg amputated

The BC SPCA says a stray cat had its leg amputated after it was found wandering in the North Thompson with a serious injury.

The agency said Peggy, a stray one-year-old grey tabby, was brought in by a Good Samaritan after she was seen “limping horribly” in Barriere.

Peggy was quickly surrendered to the BC SPCA’s Kamloops animal centre for treatment due to the severity of her injury.

“When Peggy came into the centre, we could tell her front left leg was seriously injured,” said Daria Evans, manager of the BC SPCA’s Kamloops animal centre.

“She couldn’t put any weight on it at all. We immediately brought her to a veterinary clinic.”

The BC SPCA said the veterinarian who examined Peggy determined the fracture of her front leg was an old injury and would be impossible to save.

“Poor Peggy had been limping with this injured leg for some time,” Evans said.

The cat was given pain medication and scheduled for surgery. The BC SPCA said she was also treated for ear mites and had a thorough ear cleaning.

“Peggy is a super outgoing, young cat,” Evans said. “She is so chatty and is always meowing for love and attention.”

Evans added that the amputation of her front leg has slowed Peggy down, and she continues to be playful.

The BC SPCA said the tabby still needs to be spayed and have the staples from her surgery removed, before given time to heal until she’ll be available for adoption.

More information on Peggy and other animals in need is available online.

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