Last pole standing: Colwood roundabout has power pole in middle of traffic lane

Pole in middle of street

A power pole in the middle of a traffic lane is turning heads in Colwood.

When Latoria Road resident Owen Williams spotted it a few days ago, he had the same reaction as a lot of other people.

“I thought: ‘Who put that in the middle of the road?’ ”

There’s one thing he and ­everyone else need to understand, however: The pole was always there. It’s the road that moved.

Colwood widened the road at that spot for a new roundabout to replace a three-way stop and connect Veterans Memorial Parkway, Olympian Way and Latoria Road.

The pole was supposed to be removed, and B.C. Hydro was going to put the wires underground.

The trouble is, the construction schedules for Colwood and B.C. Hydro didn’t quite mesh.

Colwood had its part of the project pretty much finished, including widening the roadway to include the land where the pole was standing, but B.C. Hydro wasn’t ready to complete its portion.

Colwood spokesperson Sandra Russell said B.C. Hydro has a conduit in place under the road, but the process of actually getting wires into it is pending.

That’s not stopping Colwood, which is planning to open up the roundabout before the B.C. Hydro work is done, although no opening day has been set.

Russell said residents are eager to have the roundabout completed

And don’t worry — they’ve placed traffic cones around the lonesome pole, which will soon be replaced by concrete posts to make a more sturdy barrier.

As for Williams, he sees the humour in the situation, but can’t understand why all elements of the work, which has been going on for well over a year, haven’t come together yet.

Nonetheless, he’s happy to hear that buried wires will be part of the finished product.

“That’s the right move, for sure.”

Colwood said the roundabout is expected to improve traffic flow, and is the first of many transportation projects envisioned over the next 20 years.

Other intersections being considered for improvements include Latoria Boulevard and Metchosin Road, where the traffic signal is currently being upgraded, and Latoria Road at Wishart Road.

An intersection upgrade on Veterans Memorial Parkway at Allandale Road is scheduled for completion next summer.

And no, it’s not expected to contain any power poles.

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