CBC head Catherine Tait summoned to committee over job cuts, executive bonuses

Exec bonuses, cuts to staff

MPs are calling CBC head Catherine Tait to testify about her announcement the public broadcaster would cut 10 per cent of its workforce while not ruling out bonuses for executives.

The House of Commons heritage committee unanimously agreed today to have the president of the public broadcaster address the cuts and potential bonuses.

The committee summoned Tait to appear at its first meeting in the new year following the holiday recess, but a date has yet to be set.

Members also agreed to report to the House that given the job cuts it would be inappropriate of the CBC to grant bonuses to executive members.

Because the public broadcaster is independent, members of Parliament cannot decide how CBC and its French-language service spend their money.

CBC and Radio-Canada said Monday they plan to cut 600 jobs and not fill 200 vacancies over the next year as the public broadcaster grapples with a $125-million shortfall.

A spokesperson for Tait didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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