Service Ontario employees handed over driver info to car thieves: police

Info handed to car thieves

Police allege information on hundreds of Ontario drivers was secretly handed over to car thieves as part of an auto theft ring that included Service Ontario employees.

Toronto police say they launched an investigation in February into an alleged auto theft operation believed to be behind several thefts in the city, and found the suspects were conspiring with staff at Service Ontario.

They allege civil servants were trafficking driver and vehicle data from the Ministry of Transportation database that would allow thieves to resell stolen vehicles more easily.

Police say Service Ontario staff would give the accused information such as addresses, as well as fraudulent vehicle registrations and vehicle identification numbers.

They say the suspects would steal the vehicles, then put the fraudulent identification numbers linked to the fraudulent registrations on the vehicles to appear legitimate. The vehicles were then allegedly sold or used to commit other crimes.

Police have charged seven people between the ages of 25 and 38 in connection with the alleged operation.

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