Kelowna woman about to turn 100 has sound routines

Centenarian set to celebrate

If the latest Kelowna person to make it to 100 years is any indication, the key to a long life may be working your whole life and having sound routines.

Frieda McNeil turns 100 years young on Wednesday and her friends and family say she is an inspiration to all.

"Everything is structured, she has her breakfast at a certain time she eats her lunch at exactly the same time. Supper at the same time, she goes to bed at the same time. She does her hair every Friday," says her friend Ron Delisle.

Freida's son Gary says his mother enjoys spending time with friends and loves to get out to the casino at least once a week.

"She helped my dad run his business and she was a seamstress working on her own right up until a couple of years ago."

To celebrate the big day Freida's friends and family are having a big dinner at a local restaurant.

"We've got about 25 or so guests coming."

Delisle says despite becoming a centenarian, Freida still lives on her own. The only concession she makes to her age is using a walker to help get around.

"I take her shopping. I take her wherever. She goes to the casino every Saturday. Other than that she's all on her own," said Delisle.

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