Penticton reminding residents of changes, additions to holiday bin pickup schedules

Holiday bin pickup changes

The City of Penticton has sent out a reminder about what to expect for garbage and recycling collection schedules as the holidays approach and winter arrives.

Christmas Day and New Year's Day both fall on Mondays this year, so anyone with a Monday collection will not have pickup that day.

Impacted residents are asked to put bins out on the Saturday before instead — Dec. 23 and Dec. 30.

The city will be offering additional recycling collection in December in anticipation of higher volumes associated with the holiday season, for three consecutive weeks on collection days starting Dec. 11.

"Many paper and cardboard items can be added to your curbside collection, including wrapping paper, greeting cards and paper gift bags. Place these items loosely in your recycling cart, flattening boxes and taking care not to stack items together," reads a press release issued Monday from the city.

"However, take note that common holiday items such as toys, electronics, Christmas lights, ribbons and bows, and foil wrap are not accepted in your home recycling carts. If you’re not sure how to dispose of an item, try entering the name of your item into the City’s online ‘What Goes Where?’ tool at penticton.ca/recycling."

Any extra garbage that does not fit into a regular cart can be tagged for extra pickup. Stickers can be purchased at City Hall, City Yards or the Community Centre.

On snowy days, residents are asked to ensure bins are one metre away from any obstacles and not placed on top of snow banks. Lids should be clear of snow and ice.

Anyone whose bins are not collected by the end of the day on a snowy day ca place an extra bag alongside the cart on the next collection day. For more information, visit penticton.ca/snow.

If your garbage is not collected by the end of the day, you may place an extra bag of garbage alongside your cart on the next collection day. For more tips, visit penticton.ca/snow.

Anyone whose carts are not picked up outside of snow events can contact Waste Connections of Canada directly at 250-490-3888.

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