Man arrested after car driven onto sidewalk at pro-Palestine rally in downtown Victoria

Drove car into protest

A man was arrested after a car was driven onto a sidewalk, nearly striking a person during a pro-Palestine rally at the B.C. legislature on Sunday afternoon.

A video posted on social media shows a man in a sedan appearing to swerve toward a person carrying a Palestinian flag on the sidewalk at Government and Belleville streets.

The person, who was wearing a yellow and orange vest, starts to run away as the car begins accelerating and only narrowly avoids being hit.

The driver then gets out of the car and starts arguing with another protester before the two are separated by police.

“This got heated. He [the driver] lost his temper,” Donald Smith, who took the video, told CHEK News. “Everybody has a right to protest and democracy, but you don’t have the right to use your car as a weapon.”

In an email, Victoria police confirmed to CHEK that one man had been arrested in relation to the demonstration but did not provide additional details.

However, photos posted by Smith show the driver from the video being taken into custody by protective services.

Hundreds of protesters marched through downtown Victoria following a rally at the B.C. legislature without further incident on Sunday afternoon.

Weekend protests calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, international accountability for Israel’s actions in Gaza, and an end to Canadian weapons exports for the Israeli military have been occuring in the city since Oct. 15.

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