Realtor brings cheer, raises money for charity with tree-topped Mini

Mini tree brings cheer

A familiar and popular sight is back on the road in the Central Okanagan.

Realtor Ruth Lamb, who lives in Lake Country, has again decked out her Mini Cooper with a Christmas tree and light, raising money and cheer for another holiday season.

She donates $1 to the Central Okanagan Food Bank and the Kelowna Gospel Mission if you honk, wave or even just crack a smile when you see her car. Lamb says her annual celebration of the season is so popular people started asking about it weeks ago.

“Even people that have other realtors, they come up to me and go, ‘oh my goodness, we just love what you’re doing.’ People in banks, wherever I work, they go, ‘oh, you are the one with the tree. When is it going up?’

Lamb said that being in the housing business, she felt the Gospel Mission and the food bank would be good fits for her fundraiser.

“For me, the needs seem overwhelming at times and you just don’t know what to do to help. So, I can say honestly, that this small act is done with great love and it’s a way that my clients and I are giving back to the community.”

She adds that you don’t have to lay on the horn. Just noticing her tree could trigger a donation. “If I just see the corner of someone’s mouth turning up, I count that.”

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