KSO Music School launches three new musical programs for children

KSO unveils new programs

Three new musical programs geared towards children have been announced by the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, inviting new students to partake in musical creation and exploration.

The KSO Music School Children’s Chorus, the first of the three programs, is an unauditioned choir open to children aged 6 to 12 led by KSMS faculty, director Rachel Casponi and pianist Bonita Wiens.

Children of all skill levels will be provided the opportunity to explore and create music in a supportive and inclusive environment, according to the KSO.

The Meet the Instruments! Programs run for three months each and provide children of varying skill and experience levels in Kindergarten to Grade 2 hands-on instruction to the flute or violin.

The KSO said the programs will provide a solid foundation in music education by allowing the children to discover the joy of playing music while honing essential skills.

Finally, the Musical Crafters program will allow children from Kindergarten to grade 2 to explore “the world of sound” by crafting their own musical instruments.

According to the KSO, the program will see participants join instructor Bailey Finley to create unique instruments and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of music and sound.

"These new programs reflect our commitment to provide diverse and accessible musical education for children of all ages at the heart of our community," said Christopher Young, executive director of the KSO & KSO Music School.

"We believe that fostering a love for music early in life can have a profound impact on a child's development, and we are excited to inspire the next generation of musicians and music enthusiasts."

More information on the programs are available online.

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