Kelowna council to discuss concepts for city's North End

Visions for the North End

City hall planners will present city council with a preferred vision for the future of the city's north end when council sits down Monday morning.

The option being recommended comes as a result of public feedback from three previous concept plans reviewed by council in the summer.

During the July presentation some on council took issue with some items excluded from the general concepts including the lack of a grocery store and lack of planned growth in the northeast portion of the neighbourhood.

Following comments from council and the public, staff are bringing forth the three concepts with their recommendations.

"In consideration of public feedback in addition to preliminary technical analysis—including a preliminary
funding strategy review—staff have developed a recommended direction to guide the development of the preferred concept," staff state in its report.

"This recommendation draws heavily from Concept 3, with some elements included from other concepts. This recommended approach is subject to further technical analysis that will occur in Phase 4 of the NEP process, including a detailed transportation assessment, an industrial and employment lands study, and a thorough funding strategy review."

Ideas being brought forward centre around four separate themes, housing, parks and public space, shops services and employment and transportation.

Housing - Focus more growth to western and southern edges of neighbourhood. Support new housing around a new school site and expanded Walrod Park.

Parks and Public Space - Maximize connectivity to four prominent parks. Identify a school site near expanded Walrod Park, increase housing density around Jack Brow Park, explore funding for waterfront park land acquisition and explore connection between Manhattan Point waterfront park and Jack Brow Park.

Shops, Services and Employment - Emphasize more office and craft industry employment. Explore including a commercial node in the northeast residential area.

Transportation - Full urbanization of streets in the northeast residential area and Manhattan Point.

If council endorses the direction being recommended by staff work would begin on the preferred option and a draft plan.

"These efforts will balance feedback to date and continued technical analysis, but will also include review of new legislation proposed by the province including Bills 44 and 47 which speak to the development of small-scale multi-unit housing and transit-oriented development respectively.

Staff are in the initial stages of reviewing the legislation and awaiting further guidance from the province before
considering impacts on the north end plan."

A draft plan could return to council for in the first three months of 2024.

A concept plan for redevelopment of the former Tolko site is also being developed concurrently with the north end plan. On update on the Tolko plan is expected in the coming months as well.

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