Kelowna's proposed budget outlines spending plan for new Parkinson Rec Centre

$241M budget for new PRC

The City of Kelowna has outlined how, and where, it plans to spend the $241.9 million for a new recreation centre to replace the Parkinson Rec Centre.

Money for the project will be spent over four years in three separate areas, the building itself, site works and PRC field realignment and transportation improvements.

Budgets broken out in the city's 2024 proposed budget anticipates spending of $13.03 million in 2024, $96.8 million in 2025, $84.7 million in 2026 and $48.4 million in 2027.

The actual rec centre is costed out at $180 million, field realignment $41.1 million and transportation network improvements $20.8 million.

City parks and buildings planning manager Robert Parlane says the budget item under field realignment includes all aspects of site work associated with the new rec centre.

This will include additional parking and servicing all the utilities for the new PRC building as well as an active transportation corridor through the site.

But the biggest part is realigning the fields themselves.

"The fields are diagonal and spaced out," Parlane told Castanet News.

"We are trying to align them so that they are north/south because when we play in the summer, if you have it facing east/west then a team has an advantage in the evening with the low angle sun.

"In doing so we are trying to get another field on the site as well and with that we would be looking at a new build up."

Parlane says the plan is to include one artificial turf field with lights as well as pickleball courts.

The $3 million requested in the 2024 budget is for what Parlane calls soft costs associated with the project.

"Primarily consultants fees and doing a lot of design work up front.

"When you are doing that much work there is a lot of design work that needs to be done up front. There's also permits, survey work, geological studies, that type of work."

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