'That behaviour does not make sense to me': Cher insists she's not a diva

Cher says she's no diva

Cher finds diva behaviour ridiculous.

The 77-year-old singer insisted that, despite her years in the spotlight, she has never been demanding or difficult to work with and such antics don't "make sense" to her.

Asked if she is a diva, she told talk show host Graham Norton: “Don’t be ridiculous, I am the least diva-like person. That [behaviour] does not make sense to me.”

The 'Believe' singer is currently promoting her festive album 'Christmas' but admitted she's barely listened to the record because she isn't a "huge Cher fan."

Asked if she listens to her own music, she said: “Not really. I listened to it until I was sure it was right, but I am not a huge Cher fan!”

However, she did acknowledge the album is "good."

She said: “I didn’t want to [do a Christmas album before]. When I did say yes, I wanted to do it myself in my own house. I picked songs l like, and I hate to say it myself, but it is good!”

Meanwhile, Cher is finding it "very hard" to cast someone in her biopic, but once the project starts making progress, she won't need to find anyone to work on the soundtrack.

She said: “It is the hardest thing. I have lived too long and done so much, it is very hard to cast, and we haven’t even finished the script.” Adding, “I will do all the music myself because I don’t like imitation.”

The 'Mermaids' actress loves being in England because she and her late ex-husband, former musical partner Sonny Bono, found fame there long before achieving success in the US.

She said: "We actually got famous here. America hated us so we sold everything and came here. When an old lady asked for my autograph, it was like heaven. People really liked us. We got famous and when we went home everyone thought we were English!”

Watch the full interview on 'The Graham Norton Show', BBC One, on Friday night. Also available on BBC iPlayer.

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