Attendee escorted out of SOGI panel discussion in Vernon

Escorted out of SOGI convo

Security escorted an audience member out of a panel discussion on SOGI 123 in Vernon Thursday evening.

The event was held at Trinity United Church to learn more about the sometimes polarizing education policy.

David Hamilton was escorted out by two security guards, and Oho Lise left in support of him. The pair did not know each other prior to the event.

Hamilton tried to speak after a panelist shared their experience discovering they identify as trans. Hamilton said he felt the panel was indoctrinating youth and tried to speak up against it.

“I didn't think that was right for that young (person) ... to say that they want all children to be trans, that's disrespectful,” said Hamilton.

“I said, ‘Hey, that was not necessary to say that.’ That's indoctrination.”

The panelist confirmed to Castanet that they had said: “We don’t want to turn your kids trans, we want your trans kids to grow up.”

Panel moderator Barry Dorval explained before the event, and to Hamilton when he tried to speak, that attendees were not allowed to speak until the designated question period.

Hamilton and Lise said they feel only one side is being taught in school. Lise said he felt there should be a moral basis for what is being taught in schools.

“Was Jordan Peterson consulted? He's the number one psychologist in Canada, arguably, but was he consulted about SOGI and putting that through the school system? No. Why are people like that not being asked about it?” Lise questioned.

SOGI 123 is not a curriculum, the panel said, but rather a resource and language teachers are trained in to ensure inclusivity and safety. More information about the policy can be found here.

During the question period, Dorval tried his best to keep the conversation civil. Attendees wrote their questions down for him to read to the panel rather than people speaking themselves.

He told Castanet there were a number of off-topic questions he wouldn’t read.

There was a multitude of questions, and not all were able to be read. When Dorval told attendees they wouldn’t be able to answer any more questions, a number of people stormed out.

Dorval said he felt a number of attendees had their minds made up about SOGI prior to the event, and he didn’t think many people’s minds were changed.

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