Kelowna youth soccer player has new objective after scoring 100 goals

Soccer star loves to score

A young Kelowna soccer player with sights set on playing for Canada's women's national soccer team is off to a very good start.

Bella Lovely, 11, of the Akisq’nuk First Nation, is playing U-13 soccer right now and she set her sights on scoring 100 goals over the course of an entire year, including her club and indoor soccer leagues.

"During the winter, she started scoring a lot of goals and keeping count, but she started fresh this year, trying to see how many she would get in a year," says Bella's mom Tish Lovely.

Bella plays in the Thompson Okanagan Youth Soccer League while also playing for the Okanagan Football Club and Kelowna Youth Soccer Association. Bella also plays indoor soccer, which helped her achieve her 100 goal objective.

"Bella kept a chart of all her games, and last week, she scored her 100th goal. I just got her a medal and a trophy and it's just really exciting," said Lovely.

While Bella is goal oriented, her mother says she loves playing soccer, "she says she doesn't think about any of her problems when she's playing soccer if she's just present in the moment, and having fun."

Lovely says having the goal and accomplishing it has given her daughter a positive outlook on life.

"She's kind of more into health, keeping a healthy lifestyle for soccer. It's giving her a whole bunch of friends that are like-minded, sports are good for that as well."

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