City of Penticton reminding residents to prepare for snowfall

City prepping for snowfall

The City of Penticton is planning ahead for the anticipated first snow event of the season, forecasted for the end of this week.

"City crews will begin spraying an anti-ice, salt/water solution on high-priority streets and parking lots to provide extra traction on the roads," reads a press release from the city issued Wednesday.

"During and after a winter storm, a salt or salt/sand mix is used to maintain traction on steep grades, intersections and agricultural areas."

Priority routes will be cleared first, meaning main roads, steep hills, emergency routes, bus routes, school zones, collector and industrial roads, all before residential roads and lanes are dealt with.

"In addition to the large machinery, the city has a team of 23 hand crew who are tasked with shovelling 21 stairways, 14 bridge pedestrian walkways, 30 parking lots, 44 transit stops and 26 km of sidewalks and walkways," the press release explains.

Residents are reminded that, as per the Good Neighbour Bylaw, sidewalks adjacent to residential and business properties should be cleared by 11 a.m. the following day after the snow event.

"Placing the cleared snow on the property side of the sidewalk rather than the road side will reduce the chances of the snow being pushed back onto the sidewalks as snow plows widen out the winter roadways," the city notes.

Other tips on how to be a "snow angel" include:

  • Remember when shovelling your driveway to pile the snow on the left side of the driveway (facing the property), so when plows go by, they won’t drag the shovelled piles back into your driveway entrance.
  • Clear any catch basins on your street to allow the water to flow. Not only will this reduce flooding but it will get the water off the streets to reduce icy patches when temperatures drop.
  • Clear the snow away from fire hydrants for easy access by firefighters if needed.
  • Place your carts out at their designated collection point by 7 a.m. on your regularly scheduled garbage day. Garbage collection may be limited in laneways and side streets that trucks cannot safely access. If your garbage is not collected, residents can place an extra bag of garbage alongside their carts on their next collection day.

Residents are also reminded to be careful on the road, pass snow clearing vehicles with caution, and slow down in slippery conditions.

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