Martha Stewart users flavours 'from her own orchard' for marijuana line

Martha's marijuana line

Martha Stewart's new marijuana line uses flavours "plucked straight from her own orchard".

The 82-year-old former TV host previously launched her own CBD range and her latest gummies takes inspiration from her own cooking recipes.

She told People: "For these gummies, we combined sophisticated, artisanal flavors that I have long enjoyed as staples in my recipes, often plucked straight from my own orchards and kitchen garden.

"The new line features a blend of ingredients, such as the citrus-forward concoction of tangerine, yuzu, and pomelo found in the Chill gummies, so that they feel like a decadent treat that just happens to have therapeutic effects."

The mum-of-one has become unlikely friends with hip hop legend Snoop Dogg over the years, and she revealed her famous pal has "enjoyed" her range while he's working on his music.

She added: “I’ve shared a variety of items from my CBD line with Snoop, and he’s enjoyed them in the recording studio.

"Snoop actually helped to inspire the creation of the line!”

Martha also revealed how "a trip to Paris" helped influence her products.

She explained: “The original gummies were inspired by a trip to Paris where I first tasted pâte de fruits, a French confection that is as delicious as it is beautiful."

Meanwhile, the star - who has been trolled for posting so-called ‘thirst trap’ photos on her social media despite being 82 - recently hit out at the concept of dressing "for her age".

She told Page Six: "Dressing for whose age? I don’t think about age. I think people are more and more and more (fabulous) than they’re ever been in their senior years, and I applaud every one of them.”

Martha, who was a former teen model and whose daughter is broadcaster Alexis Stewart, 58, added: “I’ve dressed the same since I was 17.”

She also insisted: “If you look at my pictures on my Instagram, I look pretty much the same.”

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