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District of Sicamous sues over bridge replacement performance bond

Sicamous sues over bridge

The District of Sicamous is involved in a lawsuit over replacement of the Solsqua-Sicamous bridge.

The district filed a lawsuit against Western Surety over a performance bond it held for Vic Van Isle Construction on the project.

Vic Van Isle won the contract to replace the bridge in 2020, however the district alleges the firm didn’t do a satisfactory job.

A performance bond is a type of guarantee that if work isn't done or isn't done to the customer's satisfaction, the insurance company will pay out the bond.

Typically, a performance bond is issued for 50% of the value of a construction contract.

VVI went into receivership in 2022 and officially filed for bankruptcy in July of this year.

The lawsuit sites a long list of problems with the bridge replacement, including;

  • Installation of defective expansion joints
  • Spalled concrete needing replacement
  • Misaligned and defective traffic barriers
  • Incomplete landscaping and hydroseeding
  • Missing asphalt sealing
  • Defective sidewalk compression seal
  • Defective grading and erosion control for sleeper footings
  • Missing signage and labelling
  • Non-conforming material for roadway subgrade
  • Failure to provide survey data
  • Incorrectly installed light shields on some street lights
  • Debris removal
  • Installation of rip rap that did not meet contract specifications and failure to obtain required survey data for rip rap and subgrade.

District of Sicamous operations manager Darryl Symbaluk said the municipality has no comment on the matter at this time.

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