Driver recounts scary roll-over crash and rescue on Oyama Lake Road

Car rolled down 50 feet

Amber Guan feels lucky to be alive.

Guan was traveling with her boyfriend, Nick Gilmour, on Sunday afternoon as they were heading home from their stay at Oyama Lake Eco Lodge.

The couple were driving home in separate cars when Guan hit black ice along Oyama Lake Road.

Gilmour says he saw Guan roll over and slide down a 50-foot drop.

"I saw the whole thing. She applied the brakes, and all four wheels locked up. She flipped towards the mountain and then away from the mountain, where the embankment was. She just went straight off the embankment and landed face-first. The car rolled a couple of times, and she ended up on her roof."

"I actually cut her out of the seatbelt and pulled her out before everyone got there," Gilmour said.

He quickly got his girlfriend into a recovery position and threw her jacket over her to keep her warm.

The Lake Country Fire Department arrived on the scene once Guan was out of the vehicle.

"I learned afterwards they told me I did the right thing," Gilmour said.

Soon after the fire department arrived, Central Okanagan Search and Rescue was called in to assist in a rope rescue.

Guan was transported to Kelowna General Hospital after the rescue.

"I am feeling okay, just a bit of pain and soreness," she said.

"She walked away almost uninjured. It's almost a miracle," Gilmour added.

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