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Firefighters save stuck calf, to relief of Twin Heart Animal Sanctuary

Holy cow fire crew rescue

The Tappen Volunteer Fire Department doesn't just rescue kittens from trees – a team from the department can now add 'ruminant rescue specialists' to their resume.

Twin Heart Animal Sanctuary put in a call to the fire department Sunday morning after their two-year-old Jersey heifer Shayleigh was found stuck in a fence.

The young cow had got its head and neck stuck in the fence and ended up lying down on her side.

For a cow this is extremely dangerous.

Lying on their side for too long can cause a gas buildup in the cow's stomach that can cause a painful bloating, which can lead to death.

Sanctuary owners couldn’t free the calf on their own, so they decided to call the fire department for help.

One firefighter that lived nearby was first on the scene, followed by the fire chief and another firefighter. Together with sanctuary owners, they managed to free the calf before it suffered.

After a quick call to the vet, Shayleigh was determined to be in good health following the incident.

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