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Transport Canada teams up with CSRD to clear rogue buoys

Rogue buoys taken aboard

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District and Transport Canada have been taking action on rogue buoys afloat on Shuswap Lake.

Transport Canada’s Navigation Protection Program continues its enforcement efforts clearing non-compliant boys from Shuswap Lake.

In the month of October, 28 buoys were removed by Transport Canada with support from CSRD Staff.

The team’s cleanup efforts also revealed an unreported sunken vessel in the Tappen Bay area. The location was marked with a cautionary buoy to warn boaters until further action can be taken.

In May and June, 342 buoys were tagged by CSRD staff as non-compliant. Tagging the buoys gives owners time to rectify non-compliance before Transport Canada comes in and removes them.

Buoys are considered non-compliant if they are not following regulations regarding size, colour and identification. There are federal and provincial regulations regarding buoys as well as local bylaws set by the CSRD.

Improperly sized or coloured buoys can present a hazard to boaters or other lake users.

Over the last four years the CSRD has tagged approximately 969 buoys, with Transport Canada removing 166 of them.

The majority of non-compliant buoys either have their issues resolved or are voluntarily removed by their owners before further enforcement is necessary.

An increase in the number of buoys on the water in Shuswap and Mara lakes has generated numerous complaints to both Transport Canada and the CSRD.

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