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Multi-use path proposed for West Kelowna's Shannon Lake Road

Sidewalk upgrades proposed

West Kelowna city council will debate plans next week for new sidewalks and bicycle lanes on Shannon Lake Road.

That section of the road in the area of Shannon Ridge Drive and Asquith Road lacks any pedestrian infrastructure along what is an arterial route for the neighbourhood.

City council will be presented with three options Tuesday, with administration recommending multi-use pathways be installed on both sides of the road between Asquith and Swite roads.

“There is sufficient right-of-way for the path on both sides of the road to accommodate these improvements,” said a staff report.

“The conceptual design includes the safety benefits of the multi-use path, with the improved connectivity to the many destinations in the neighbourhood.”

It is estimated the upgrades would cost $5.175 million, something that would be funded by grants and next year’s budget if approved.

“The neighbourhood has many residential and park accesses that these improvements will help provide safe access to,” said the report.

The two other options going before council would cost around $4.8 million. The first option would attempt to match existing nearby sidewalks and would not allow cyclists to be separated from traffic, making it “slightly less desirable,” while the second option was not recommended due to incompatibility with commercial and residential connections on the east side of the road.

City administration are recommending a $1.5 million roundabout suggested for the intersection of Shannon Lake Road and Asquith Road be delayed due to funding constraints.

“Typically, West Kelowna completes a major road reconstruction project every second year, but with cost escalations due to inflation in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain that level of service improvements,” said the city staff report.

“Due to the many needs in the arterial road network, it is recommended that the construction of the roundabout is deferred until it is required.”

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