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West Kelowna to partner with daycare provider to restore old city hall space

Old city hall restoration

With West Kelowna’s new city hall slated to open in early 2024, the city is making plans for the return of the space it has used as a city hall at the Mount Boucherie Community Centre for community use.

A city staff report going to city council Nov. 28 says while a concept plan was presented to council in 2022, since then, an opportunity to partner with BGCO to create daycare space for preschool children and after-school care space for older children presented itself.

The report shows 800 square feet of permanent space in the soon-to-be former city hall will house 16 preschool care spaces and another 3,000 square feet for temporary school care space for 64 children. The after-school care program would run from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and be available for community use after that.

The city partnered with BGCO to submit a grant application to the Childcare New Spaces Fund, and in May, they were successful in securing a $3 million grant. The grant money will assist in the transformation of building a joint-use facility with BGCO to help create additional childcare space and community space.

The project would include a renovation of the existing one-storey office building and the addition of a gymnasium on its north side, where city offices in portable buildings are now located. The gym would be connected to the Mount Boucherie Community Centre.

The renovated space will include the childcare spaces, as well as a banquet hall, kitchen, meeting rooms, classroom and programming space, fitness spaces, rooms that could be rented out, washroom upgrades and city office space.

Building the gym on the north side of the existing building would save the city about $1 million compared with building it on the south side, between the building and Mount Boucherie, according to the city.

The total cost of the project would be just over $4 million, with $3 million from the grant, $650,000 from the city’s Mount Boucherie Community Centre restoration budget and another $400,000 as a contingency.

Prior to the partnership with BGCO, the estimated cost of the restoration was between $4.7 million and $8.2 million, according to the city staff report.

The city put $190,000 into this year’s municipal budget to start planning for the renovation.

If city council gives staff the green light to proceed next week, staff say they will finalize the terms of reference for the project, release the request for proposals to select a preferred proponent to guide the city through a progressive design-build strategy and review the RFP submission and determine the next steps.

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