Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland looking for a patient home to help traumatized cat

Patient home for trauma cat

Casey Richardson

A Summerland rescue is hoping to find a home for cat that will need time to adjust at her own pace, after having a rough start to life.

Lori Huot-Stewart, president of the Critteraid Animal Sanctuary, said Cardi is a tortoise shell cat that came in with her kittens and whose history is unknown.

"Whatever it was her mama bear response to anyone who entered near her kittens. It was intense," she added. "She has shown massive amounts of improvements since her kittens have been weaned, but we still must have a quiet human."

Cardi will need a home with no little kids or fast movers.

"She has readily accepted humans as long as they go slow. She has a trauma response if startled, and due to this fact we are looking for someone that believes in her and understands she has behavioural triggers, and will still take that time to let her adjust at her pace."

While Cardi may not ever be a lap kitty, Huot-Stewart said she has made strides.

"Unfortunately each time she is moved to a new foster home. It does set her back," she adds, noting why the rescue is so desperate to get her in a forever home.

"We would not suggest her to be adopted if we didn't believe in her. We think if she found that person that believes enough to take the time, warts and all, that she just might learn to trust enough to blossom into a version that is just wanting to have the confidence to come forward."

If you're interested in learning more and meeting up with Cardi send Critteraid an email at [email protected] to set up a meet and greet.

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