Should the minimum wage for ride-hailing and food delivery app workers be higher than the minimum wage for other workers in B.C.?

Poll: Minimum wage

The B.C. government says it's introducing new protections for ride-hailing and food delivery app workers including a minimum wage, compensation for expenses and other standards.

A minimum hourly wage of $20.10 — which is $3.35 more than the current minimum wage — would apply for a gig worker's "engaged time," beginning when they accept an assignment to the time of completion.

The Ministry of Labour says the new pay standard, which doesn't include tips, put a 20 per cent premium on top of the general minimum wage to account for the time gig workers spend waiting for assignments.

The protections would also provide workers with compensation coverage under WorkSafeBC, prohibit platform companies from withholding tips and establish compensation standards for costs such as using a personal vehicle.

The Ministry of Labour says the rules, which will require new legislation to implement, are the result of consultation with app-based workers, platform companies, labour groups and business associations.

Labour Minister Harry Bains says in a news release that gig workers value flexibility, but deserve to be treated fairly.

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