Caravan Farm Theatre turns up the scares for Walk of Terror

Walk of Terror returns

Caravan Farm Theatre's Walk of Terror is back for another Halloween season.

A cast of nearly 100 volunteer performers is dredging the depths to surface one of society’s deepest fears: clowns.

"People immediately think of Barnum and Bailey and Stephen King’s Pennywise, but clowning is a very ancient tradition, spanning across many cultures," says artistic director Estelle Shook.

"We're going to be exploring the idea of 'clown' in all its complexity and diversity, to create a Walk of Terror that is rich in image, performance style, and ideas. And scary. Very scary."

With an ensemble of community members, including the A.L. Fortune Drumline, ready to instill awe, fear and joy, Shook says this year's walk is shaping up to be more spectacular than ever.

Attendees are encouraged to dress in costume and "participate, not just spectate."

"WOT is truly a community led celebration – and we want participants to feel a sense of authorship in the event. Much like the famed Burning Man festival, WOT aspires to be a fully participatory experience," says Shook.

Food trucks will be on site to feed hungry guests, and stick around to dance to bands Blackberry Wood and Freak Motif.

Fire-spinning circus ensemble Kinshira will also be back for the Oct. 28 event.

"We encourage everyone to come in costume: there will be a costume promenade midway through the evening so that people can appreciate the artistry and invention that goes into each creation," says Shook.

"This year's Walk of Terror aims to be a joyful, celebratory and participatory thrill machine."

Tickets are available via the Caravan website.

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