Grizzly sow, two older cubs trapped and relocated after moving into Nelson, B.C.

Grizzly, two cubs relocated

A female grizzly bear and her two older cubs have been trapped and relocated after frequenting areas around Nelson in southeastern British Columbia.

Lisa Thomson, the regional co-ordinator with conservation charity WildSafeBC, says the trio was spotted about a week ago and had begun moving closer to town.

She says it was "super unusual" because grizzlies prefer to be in the mountains, but they may have been attracted to an abundance of fruit left hanging on trees in Nelson.

As the bears began to move into neighbourhoods and people's backyards, she says there was a risk they could become habituated to humans and conditioned to the available food.

Thomson says a bear biologist from Cranbrook, B.C., was called in and provincial officials, including conservation officers and those within B.C.'s Fish and Wildlife branch, worked on a plan to trap and relocate the three bears.

She says the operation went safely and smoothly, and the bears have been relocated to an area with plenty of shelter and natural food sources.

A radio collar has been placed on the sow and the male cubs have been tagged.

The cubs were nearly as tall as their mother and appeared to be about two-and-a-half years old, Thomson says, adding all of the bears appeared to be in "great shape."

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