People dumped piles of trash outside bottle depot Saturday

Piles of trash outside depot

The assistant manager of Columbia Bottle Depots on Kent Road in Kelowna says she came into work on Sunday morning disgusted by what some members of the community had done.

Yvonne says she arrived at 8 a.m. to find multiple mounds of garbage sitting outside the door of the business.

"There were mountains of it. On our back gate, it was all where we do our household garbage and recycling. It was piled as high as the gate... people's garbage, recycling, and their bottles. It was all across the entire parking lot. Out in front, there were 20 boxes of electronics thrown in the middle of our parking lot and garbage everywhere."

"It was terrible; it was actually disgusting that people have no courtesy and zero respect... all the way down the sidewalk. Believe it or not, the homeless helped us clean it up," Yvonne said.

The Depot is typically open on Saturdays, but was closed yesterday due to National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Maggie says she headed to the depot first thing Sunday morning and was also disgusted by what she saw.

"It's sad. How can people do this? Somehow, the citizens of Kelowna thought it was their right to dump everything outside the gates, including garbage and grass clippings that the depot doesn't take. How can Kelowna residents be so inconsiderate?" she said.

"Come on, everybody. Somebody has to clean that stuff up and give your freakin' head a shake," she added.

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