Municipal advisors appointed to help five municipalities since 2017, province says

What's a municipal advisor?

Kamloops council is one of a handful of B.C. municipalities who have sought provincial support in the form of an advisor to provide guidance through a turbulent time.

On Tuesday, council voted unanimously to ask the province for a municipal advisor to help with challenges stemming from conflict around the horseshoe.

In an email to Castanet Kamloops, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs said a council is able to collectively request ministry support to help navigate challenging governance issues.

“In extraordinary circumstances, the ministry can appoint a temporary independent adviser to help a council work together with staff to improve communications, clarify roles and facilitate effective decision making,” the ministry said.

These advisors spend time working in-person with council and city staff. The province is currently contracting municipal advisors to Harrison Hot Springs and Silverton.

“Both are experienced contractors with local government expertise who are providing support and recommendations directly to councils,” the ministry said.

The ministry said before these current contracts, a municipal advisor was in place to support the Village of Lions Bay in 2023, the District of Wells in 2022, and the Village of McBride in 2017.

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