B.C. creates searchable database to track human rights recommendations

New human rights database

The British Columbia Office of the Human Rights Commissioner is making it easier to learn about human rights and possible solutions.

A statement from the office says a new tool has been created to provide access to more than 1,700 human rights-related recommendations contained in more than 70 reports published since 2018.

Users can search the database in numerous ways, including by the issue, groups affected and the source or year of the proposal or recommendation.

The statement says the new tool does not track whether findings from any of the reports have been implemented.

The database was created as part of a project to monitor and evaluate the state of human rights in B.C.

It will be updated as new reports and recommendations are added, and can be found on the website of the B.C. Office of the Human Rights Commissioner under the tab titled "Baseline Project."

Commissioner Kasari Govender says the new tool will "elevate" the work done to advance human rights in B.C.

"It will help decision-makers to identify gaps and opportunities to take steps to promote and protect human rights in this province," Govender says in the news release.

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