Paige Howse pleads guilty in 2020 Vernon motel death

Guilty plea to manslaughter

Paige Courtney Howse pleaded guilty to manslaughter in BC Supreme Court in Vernon Wednesday morning.

Howse, 29, was originally charged with second-degree murder in the Vernon motel death of Alishia Lemp.

Lemp’s body was found in a second-floor room at the Best Value Inn and Suites in February 2020.

Before accepting the guilty plea to a lesser charge, Justice D. Allan Betton repeatedly asked if Howse understood that her plea would be an admission of guilt that the court would no longer have to prove.

He also made sure she understood there is no promise of a lesser sentence despite any conversations she may have had with lawyers.

"If the court is told that there is joint submission or some range that's been agreed to, the court will certainly take that into account, but the court isn't bound by that," said Betton.

Although manslaughter is a lesser charge, it could still result in a life sentence.

The court has asked for both a pre-sentence report and a stand-alone forensic psychiatric assessment to determine risk to reoffend.

Howse's sentencing date is expected to be set in November.

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