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Infamous, derelict houseboat finally being removed from Okanagan Lake

Infamous houseboat gone

The infamous houseboat that has been moored off of Bear Creek Provincial Campground for several years is finally being dismantled.

After rotting off the shore of the provincial park for years, it has been towed across the lake and is being taken apart in Kelowna. The boat took on water in 2020 and then ran aground in the park in 2021, sparking an effort from local politicians to have it removed.

"My residents will be pleased... I have had numerous complaints from my residents about that boat in particular," said Wayne Carson, RDCO Central Okanagan West director.

Carson said it was a "team effort" to get the houseboat moved.

"Our board has been on it for a number of years. We contacted Ben Stewart and [he] wrote several letters and lobbied on our behalf. Nobody wanted it there. It was amazing that it took the number of years to get something done, but it was in BC Parks' jurisdiction, and so we as a regional district didn't have any authority."

"It was going to be a provincial decision to get it done, and we are so thankful it has been done."

Carson says now that the houseboat has been moved, he imagines residents will shift their focus to a number of other boats in the area that have taken up moorage in recent years.

"The only one I don't get any complaints about is is the pirate ship," he said.

Castanet has reached out to the Ministry of Environment for comment.

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