Sails lit green to spread awareness of World Mitochondrial Disease Week

Sails lit to spread awareness

September 18 to 24 marks World Mitochondrial Disease Week.

Mitochondrial diseases are a group of genetic conditions that affect how mitochondria in your cells produce energy. Mitochondria produce most of the energy your body needs. If you have a mitochondrial disease, your cells aren't able to produce enough energy.

There are thousands of mitochondrial diseases and because its very hard to diagnose, many people don't realize they have it. it affects about one in every 5,000 people.

This week raises awareness for mitochondrial health and disease on a global scale.

To help spread awareness, on the night of September 23, MitoCanada aimed to light up for Mito by lighting up as many landmarks across the world as possible with a bright green colour.

To help show support, the City of Kelowna lit up the downtown sails with green lights and a proclamation for World Mitochondrial Disease Week was signed by Mayor Tom Dyas.

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