Cat-faced spiders are an Okanagan arachnid that are large but harmless

Big harmless spider

'If they are cold let them in' may not apply to all living things.

And that brings us to today's Bug of the Week.

As the temperature drops, spiders are looking for a place to live, like a toasty warm house.

If you are not afraid of spiders, it is no big deal, but for those of us with arachnophobia, it is enough to make us clear the house with a couple gallons of gas and a match.

One spider that is getting some attention lately is a member of the orb-weaver family.

Also known as a cat-faced spider, the eight-legged critters can grow to be quite large. Such as the one spotted by Jacqueline McDonald outside her Okanagan home.

“We’ve really been enjoying seeing this large - about three centimetre - spider each night. She hides all day and as soon as it get dark she appears on her web which is close to our front door,” McDonald said.

“I think the porch light helps her lure moths to her web which she spruces up each evening.”

Cat-faced spiders are one of the largest spiders in Canada, but they are as harmless as a baby lamb.

While their bulbous, often hairy abdomen, may cause some fright, they have a limited bite and possess no venom.

They can actually be quite beneficial to have around as they take care of other insects that may want to pay your home a visit.

Have you had a close encounter of the insect kind? Send us a picture or video to [email protected] and we may feature it as out Bug of the Week.

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