Sikh community 'reeling' on news of India interference in death: B.C.'s AG says

Sikh community 'reeling'

British Columbia's attorney general says the community is reeling over news that the Canadian government is investigating a link between the shooting death of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar and the government of India, although insiders say it's not a surprise.

Niki Sharma says the link is shocking and every B.C. resident has the freedom to express their political views without the threat of violence and harm.

She says the province will do everything necessary to make sure that if there are other B.C. residents under threat that they are protected.

Mukhbir Singh of the World Sikh Organization says Sikhs have been speaking out against India's targeting of its community members for years, including allegations of espionage, spreading disinformation and now murder.

Singh told an Ottawa news conference that he wants Sikhs at risk to receive more protection, while noting that some members have been told by officials that they need to move away to keep themselves safe.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set out allegations in Parliament on Monday, saying Canadian intelligence services are investigating credible information of a link between the Indian government and Nijjar's murder in June, however India denies any connection.

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