Poilievre and climte change

I am amazed by (Conservative Leader)Pierre Poilievre’s continuous misunderstanding climate change, or is he just supporting the views of the (controversial psychologist) Jordan Peterson about inflation?

They criticize and attack but have no alternate workable plan.

Poilievre constantly rants about the carbon tax, which most scientists and environmentalists agree is one of the most effective and efficient ways to reduce carbon emissions and avoid the worst impact of climate change.

What he does not explain is that the carbon tax accounts for only 0.15 percentage points of inflation, and those provinces that remit the carbon tax to the federal government receive a full refund of the tax – the federal government keeps nothing.

For two years, millions of families in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have received climate action compensation for the charges they pay to the fuel carbon tax. This year, they were joined by Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfound and Labrador.

Most families receive more than they pay in and poorer families actually receive more than they pay in. A family of four in Ontario could receive a rebate of $976 this year. The carbon tax collected by the federal government is fully refunded to needy Canadian families, businesses, farmers and indigenous groups.

Poilievre, and his mentor Peterson, at some point must acknowledge that since 2018 the carbon tax has reduced air pollution by 15% of what it would have been, or will they continue to deceive the public?

We are currently in an Interglacial period, and I urgently suggest both these individuals read and try to understand how the Milankovich Cycles refer to slow global climate changes over thousands of years – and cannot be applied for the short period of the last 100 years and the rapid temperature rise.

It appears to me the unswerving objective of the Conservative continues to be to give tax breaks to those that don’t need tax breaks. Nothing has changed.

What about our grandchildren and other future generations, or does current greed supersede their future ability to survive? Our actions will tell.

Patrick MacDonald

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