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Osoyoos draft annual report soon and new bylaw officers

More bylaw officers added

These annual reports bring together audited financial statements, progress reports on objectives and measures set at the opening of that year, statements of new objectives and goals as well as plans of action to meet them, and many other information-rich reports from the town’s directors.

The 2022 report includes a feedback form and members of the public can also bring their submissions and questions to the regular open council meeting on June 27.

Bylaw officers

The Town of Osoyoos has officially made their second and third seasonal Bylaw Enforcement Officer appointments as of the May 23 council meeting, where two new recruits were given the go-ahead by council.

Parveen Lidher and Cameron Vanderkamps were added to the staff along with Bhupinder Ladhar, who was previously appointed on May 9. These seasonal hires have been added due to an increase in public concerns about bylaw enforcement in parks and municipal facilities during the peak tourist season.

Seasonal officers will have the same purview and ticketing authority as permanent staff, and they will assist with public education as well as enforcement of local bylaws.

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