Liberal budget bill passes in House of Commons after Conservative filibuster attempt

Liberal budget bill passes

The House of Commons passed the Liberal government's budget bill today, which seeks to roll out vast new incentives for clean energy and expanding dental care subsidies — despite a Conservative attempt to hold it up.

The bill passed 177 to 146 with the support of Liberals and New Democrats, while the Tories and Bloc Québécois voted against it.

The bill includes a new anti-flipping tax for residential properties, a doubling of tradespeople's tools deduction and an enhancement to the Canada workers benefit, a refundable tax credit to help low income workers.

It also codifies sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, and raises tariffs on Russia and Belarus.

The Conservatives attempted earlier this week to delete much of the bill by introducing amendments eliminating 900 of its clauses, saying they want a plan to balance the budget amid projections that show no end to federal deficits in sight.

The Senate must also pass the budget bill before it can become law, and senators have already been devoting hours study to its provisions.

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