Residents of which Canadian cities swear the most - and least

Who swears most, least?

Richmond is one of the most “mom-approved” cities in Canada when it comes to profanities being used, according to a recent survey.

According to an Online Casino survey, Richmond ranked fifth on the list of Canadian cities that swear the least, with residents swearing an average of just four times a day.

Also on the list is Vancouver in 12th place, with 10 times a day.

The city winning “mom’s favourite” trophy in Canada is Laval, Que. with a mere two swearwords daily.

Canadians curse on average 12 times per day and one in four use “family-friendly” swearwords, according to Online Casino’s survey.

On the other end of the spectrum, Saskatoon residents were found to swear the most at roughly 33 times a day.

B.C.’s Surrey and Burnaby were also ranked sixth and 14th, respectively, on the most swearing cities.

The survey also found 43 per cent of Canadians swear the most at home and 33 per cent around friends.

Other times people swear are during traffic times, at work, at sporting events and on social media.

Thirty-one per cent of respondents said they swear inwardly to themselves while 21 per cent said they swear at inanimate objects followed by at friends, other drivers on the roads and computer screens.

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