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Jamie Foxx ‘will give update on his health when he’s ready’

Foxx not ready to talk yet

Jamie Foxx will give fans an update on his health condition “when he’s ready.”

The 55-year-old ‘Ray’ actor’s close friend Nick Cannon, 42, made the declaration while opening up about the Oscar-winner’s ongoing health scare after he was hospitalized in April for a still unspecified unknown “medical complication”.

He told Extra TV: “One thing I’ve always respected about how Jamie’s moved throughout his entire career, if you’ve noticed, he’s always been somebody who is extremely professional and extremely private.

“I mean, you don’t ever really hear anything other than just the great work that he puts forth as a professional and the fact that, you know, he’s handled this situation with the same manner, you only can respect that.

“I believe when he’s ready, he’s going to address the awaiting fans in the world (about his health) the way that only he can.

When asked if Jamie had suffered a stroke, ‘The Masked Singer’ host Nick declined to give details on Jamie’s condition.

He added: “I’m probably in the same boat as you in that same sense of just knowing that, you know, as a friend, just being as respectful as I can, I don’t pry.

“I don’t ask any other questions. And other than the information that’s given to me and, you know, what’s asked of me.”

Nick also said whatever Jamie’s family has said so far is the only “information that they want to be out there”.

The presenter told Entertainment Tonight in April about Jamie: “He’s awake. They say he’s alert, so, we love it.

“I was reluctant to go all the way there, and even talk about it, but he gave me the blessing, so it’s a beautiful thing.

“I know he’s doing so much better because I’m actually about to do something special for him, and doing him a favour.”

Nick had asked his online followers on 15 April to speak “words of affirmation” to help Jamie recover, adding on Instagram: “Let’s all speak complete and total recovery for the most talented human on earth with a Spirit bigger than this small planet!!

“Continuing to send Prayers, healing energy and Love Frequencies your way Big Bro!! “You know how much I love you Family.”

Jamie’s health scare came a few weeks after he returned to the set of the trouble-hit thriller ‘Back in Action’, amid reports he had a “meltdown” that allegedly caused his co-star Cameron Diaz, 50, to want to quit acting again, though the pair were photographed days later in a return to filming.

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